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A dream.. My dream is Yours.. the secrets of tattoos are finally Accessible to All.. I didn't have that chance when I started.. 15 years ago..



An Art.. but not only.. a Passion, a Challenge.. a Profession.. A crossroads of Diciplines.. Creativity every day..

a Life.. of Beauty and Love.. of Ingenuity and Reason.. of Creation and Improvement.. an Artist's Life..

Bienvenu à l'école nationale Tunisienne de Tatouage

A Gift.. for the Young People of my Country.. Tunisia that I Love.. for souls créatives  . for the Tattoo Artists of the Future..

A School.. where everyone Participates and has fun.. where we analyze the deep technique of the profession.. where we solve the mysteries of symbols.. a School where we learn to Win..

I watch personnellement  on the evolution of each student, in order to create unegraduate elite , ready  to conquer  the tattoo world.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_          Bonne Chance to all

Zahmoul Fawez

tattoo artist

Founder of the Tunisian National Tattoo School

President of the Union of Tunisian Tattoo Artists

Your Teacher

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